Board Of Governors.

College Of Science Medicine

Claretian University Of Nigeria.

Our Goal.

Reinventing Professional Education that create jobs & fulfillments in Nigeria.

Making Common Sense Make Sense indeed in Education & Professionalism.

Prof. Alphonsus Ekwerike. BS, MD., MD(Acu)., ScM.D (PhD). ,PPRC (Harvard)., D.Tech., DCA, MMR, BCIM., BCALT. Board Member, Clinical Neuroendocrinologist / Clinical Researcher.  Harvard University trained Higher Education Teacher , Harvard Medical School. Boston trained Clinical Researcher, NASA Sponsored Georgia Tech. Institute trained Robotic STEM-System Engineering Technology teacher , NASA-IASC Trained Space Explorer, Chromatography Institute of America trained Chromatographer, ATMO trained Hyperbaric ( Space / Aviation Medicine) Physician & Wound Care Specialist,  & Former Research Fellow @ Lambo Foundation (W.H.O).  Research Director / Professor of Neuroendocrinology, Clinical Research & STEM-Invention Technology Program, College Of Science Medicine, Claretian University & Founder / President, Science Medicine Research Institute.          (Neurosquatemetry & Sciencemedicine, Inc), USA & Godlian University. Dallas, Texas, USA.       Dean, School Of Health Sciences, Claretian Universuty, Nekede, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Rev. Fr. Wence Madu. CMF,  B.Sc(Hons), M.Sc. PhD. Board Member & Vice Chancellor, Claretian University & President, Institutional Collaborations.

Dr. Chinyere Amanda Dikeukwu, MBBS, ScM.D (PhD), BCIM, BACLT (USA). Board Member, Family Medicine Physician & Provost,  College Of Science Medicine, Claretian University of Nigeria. Nekede, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Dr. Oscar Atumah. PhD, D.Tech. Gerontologist & STEM-Invention Technologist. Member Board Of Governors & Program Director, STEM-Invention Technology Program, Science Medicine Research Institute, University Of Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

Brenda Anderson BS. International Board Member & Director, US Students Affairs, Suprep Academic Credit Exchange Programs & Administrator, K-12 Academic Programs, Godlian University USA & Science Medicine Research Institute, Dallas, Texas. USA

Dr. Mark Monte Michelle, MD, DO, JD. International Board Member, Registrar & Chair, Academic , Medical & Legal Affairs & Professor of Medicine & Ethical Research.  Godlian University, USA & Science Medicine Research Institute, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Engr. Albert McDaniel, PE.  International Board Member, Dean, STEM-Invention Technology Program & Chair. Institutional Collaborations & Future Projects, Godlian University, USA & Science Medicine Research Institute. Dallas. Texas, USA.